Maverick Aces Intensive

June 2nd -5th, 2024
Atlantic City

Dear Maverick,
​Welcome to the exclusive and prestigious Maverick Aces membership. Being a Maverick Ace means you are an elite that is committed to transforming your life and business by building up the lives and businesses of your community. Our focus is to stand in the power of being a powerful leader and advisor to the community. Always remember, you are not simply attending, you are the advisor, mentor, coach, and LEADER. For Maverick Aces, this is the only way.
The Aces Intensive will include:

⭐ Accommodations in private villa in Atlantic City Check in June 2 after 4pm and check out June 5th @ 11am.

⭐ Two Day Boardroom Meeting in an exclusive private villa in Atlantic City with your peers. During this retreat, you will stay at magnificent getaway, network with other Aces, get to connect with Paul live, and ensure enrichment and growth in your business and life.

⭐ All Meals, snacks, and drinks will be provided during the Retreat.

So excited for this year and thrilled for you to be a part of this amazing group. Time to make 2024 our year to create the world we want to live in with complete knowledge and understanding that…

Join us for this powerful Maverick Aces Intensive,
and let’s transform the world together.

ONLY $2,500

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