Success is not a singular component but a magical blend of various elements, and today we are diving into some real-life case studies of individuals who have made a significant impact by taking action instead of making excuses.

These are the people who have defied the odds and become shining examples rather than mere statistics. Their stories will inspire you to dream big, live boldly, and create the life you’ve always desired. I invite you to listen closely, absorb their wisdom, and discover the nuggets of knowledge that can make a profound difference in your own journey.

Are you ready to challenge mediocrity, say no to excuses and instead explore what it takes to become the success you aspire to be?

Tune in now and learn how to harness your potential, seize opportunities, and make a lasting impact in your world.

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Key Highlights:

  • The Person You Want To Be (2:36)
  • Trusting The Process (4:31)
  • Write Down Your Goals (11:00)
  • Passive In Your Business (17:14)
  • Create For The Future (23:06)

About the Host:

Paul Finck is The Maverick Millionaire™. Paul brings to the table a vast array of knowledge and skill sets from 36+ years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial life experience. He has consulted in numerous industries, including the Medical, Dental, Financial, Retail, Informational Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing and Speakers/Coaches/Trainers. He is a former mortgage broker, real estate agent and investor. Starting with a desire to be great, Paul learned from several of the biggest names out there and Dared to be Different – he dared to be a Maverick. His successes include moving multi-millions of dollars in Real Estate, and over $20 million in informational products. With his primary focus on multiple streams of income, he has built up several businesses in Informational Marketing, Network Marketing, Real Estate Investing and now speaks and coaches internationally, teaching others how they can create this success in their own lives while Doing It Different – The Maverick Way.

Paul is well known for his success and his awesome family, and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, CNN Live, The Jane Pauley Show, The Montel Williams Show, local Channel 8 and Channel 11 News, Parents Magazine, and most local newspapers in his home state of Connecticut.

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Paul Finck:

Welcome, welcome one of them. This is Paul Finck The Maverick Millionaire and this is the Mavericks Do It Different podcast. And today I'm so excited to be talking to you about how to live big, dream big and be big and all that you do live boldly to create the magic in your world. How does that happen? I'm gonna be talking about some of the inspirational stories, some of the people that have gone through the test of time already and gotten to the other side and proven the methodologies work proven that you too can do this. And just a couple of inspirational stories that will really change how you look at possibly your world and what you can be doing within it. In my history, I'm a coach, a trainer speaker, I've been an entrepreneur now for over 36 years international speaker trainer, been an author, Best Selling Author over 18 Different times now and have collaborated with authors and speakers all around the world, to get this messaging out to help entrepreneurs make a difference in their world to create a better world for all of us. Our inspirational stories are about Mavericks and how Mavericks have done it different to create a different world to create a different universe. What does that mean? A Maverick thinks differently, does things differently, goes the road less traveled, dares to go against the test of of others against what the opinion of the of the world is to create a magnitude of success. The majority of the world doesn't create success, the majority of the world is our followers, not leaders. All we're talking about is how do you step up and become a leader? How do you create the magnitude of success in your world? So that people look at you like, oh, that's what I want? That's who I want to model after that's who I want to become? How can you can? How can you be that person? How do you walk towards a fire instead of a way? How do you walk towards the fire knowing that when you walk through it, your dream life is on the other side. So many components that play into the magic that creates success, we're going to talk about a couple case studies right now, people that have made the difference and created, done action instead of creating excuses. For instance, people that have created themselves to be the example rather than the statistic. So let's talk about the people that have really made the difference in the world. The people that have gone through the test of time, I want to share these powerful stories with you. Are you ready to dream big? Are you ready to Live Bold? Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? And I don't say that lightly. I say that with purposeful intent that you absolutely can just like these people have listened closely to how they've done it. And just maybe you can create some of this for yourself, grab hold of a few nuggets that make the difference in your world and make the difference in your world today. So keep on listening. First person I want to talk about is the amazing Demi Woodson. Debbie Woodson started in this journey, not really believing in herself, working for her parents and figured that was all that she was worthy to do. And not to say that working for your parents isn't a thing that can really set you to stardom. When you believe only her belief system was the only reason why she was able to do what she was doing is because she did work for her parents. Truth be told, she had learned more than she ever imagined she had created a magnitude of resourcefulness and, and knowledge base that was invaluable. Only she didn't recognize it. So often we don't recognize what's right in front of us without possibly some assistance from the outside world to help us see it. So she didn't recognize your own value. She didn't recognize your own worth something that many of us can relate to. And through the process of, of one analyzing what her values were, what her principles were, and then let's take a checklist of what her skill sets are talents. Her abilities really were separate in from what she was doing more to the purpose of what she could create. And through the process she was able to grab hold of For her her life and and what I mean by that is she was able to create herself to be a leader, a leader in everything that she was doing to lead her parents for instance, in in where the the company might go to lead others, their client base and new clients to take form into something that they could do more of that they can create more of. And in doing so, she created a whole new business, started coaching and training and engaging people at a whole new level. With their own newfound belief, she was now able to inspire others to create more for themselves. With taking inventory of her skill sets and her talents and her knowledge, she was able to now share that knowledge with others and in turn, have them Quantum Leap their own successes. All this created a business that went from well, she was making a fractional five figure income to now excelling past six figures, multi six figures and driving towards seven figure income. All of this because she stepped forward, she began to believe who she was she then dare to dare to face the fire and do it anyway. When she first got started, her belief system was only so far she believed, just beyond her comfort zone. All right, I'll do this. And one of the things that she's learned to say is trust the process. You have to have a trust in what you're doing that it's going to create some form of results, or obviously you wouldn't do it. And in Demi's case, she had to trust the process. And so for instance, we started with developing our coaching program, and we started it at a $5,000 ticket level. Well, 5000, our ticket level for the program was was good. Only the truth of the matter was it was well beyond her comfort zone, well beyond what she could fathom people would actually pay. However, she trusted the process, she put it forth, and asked people to pay her the $5,000 ticket price for the program. And lo and behold, they say yes. And as they did, she was able to build up her confidence level. And then she was able to increase her pricing increase or pricing to match her value. We're not talking about gouging, people were overcharging, she was able to develop programs that gave tons of value. And the proof of the matter is that now it's extended past a couple of months into now a couple of years. And she's gone from a $5,000 price tag to a 20,000 25,000 and beyond all because she trusted every step of the way and stepped forward rather than back, face the fear and did it anyway and believed in herself enough to keep moving forward. So now she went from working under her parents to starting her own business and and expanding her leadership skills to going from a five figure to a six figure and beyond a multi six figure and seven figure and creating a magnitude of strength in her life that she knows. From this day forward. She never has to be afraid. She never has to be cowering down in any way, shape or form that she's in control of her future and her life in Demi Woodson's journey. What she loves is that her dreams and goals are not limited any more than not limited by limiting beliefs, she can dare to dream of the impossible, and then make it possible, creating everything in her power to move forward.

Paul Finck:

One of the greatest things of this whole journey in this whole belief system is that when she first met me when she first engaged when she first came to our boot camps at our event, she said no, no, no, no, she doubted every step of the way. And yet, somewhere inside of her she knew that if she trusted the process if she stepped forward, that she could create so much more in her life. The next example and I want to continue on with more and more examples of people that have stepped forward have created themselves to be mavericks and created a magnitude of shift and change in their world. The next one is is Jennifer Lee, generally amazing story. Now here's someone that had a great six figure job. They she was she was successful, she was in empowered, she actually had a position that most people would be envious of. Wow, look at that, what a great honorable job. And yet, somewhere inside of her, she decided there was more, there was a possibility of more out there. And she didn't understand what that might look like. But she kept thinking there might be something. She didn't dare believe that it could be as big and as amazing and thinking boldly as it turned out to be, although she engaged with us, and she started communicating with us about what she might want to do. And with the power of having us by her side with the belief system that that we had inside for her and had a belief system for her future. She recognized that she could be doing more. She had never written her goals down before she met us everything that happened happenstance, if you will, she had gone through a career gone through and gotten a job gone through and succeeded in that job, all without actually writing down what she wanted. All too often this is what happens with people's lives is they look around, it's now 10,20,30,40,50,60 years into their life. And they look around and they say, Hey, how did I get here? What if you designed your life on purpose? What if you actually wrote down your goals for Jennifer, she did not believe that goal setting was a worthwhile venture. And yet she wrote him down she had trust in the process. And as she met with us, as she engaged with us, she wrote down her goals like I directed. And in doing so, she she started achieving them, one by one by one by one, she kept checking them off. Since she'd still don't understand exactly why this works. Only she's trusted the process and write it down and watch what happens. taking that leap of faith, if you will. The rest of the story is she took the leap of faith not only to start a business, but also to leave her salaried position. This is really key. All too many people that extra step of actually leaving what they consider their security blanket, leaving their their, their nest of oh, well, I get a paycheck every two weeks, I get a pay continuously, persistently, I can count on it. And they call that security. The reality is, is that it's anything but because someone else is in complete control over what you're getting paid. And when you get paid and how long you're gonna get paid. She recognized this. And even though it was a nice six figure income, she decided that she could do something different and with the instilled belief system of having a support group, if you will, which is part of what we we gave to Jennifer is a support group that really believed in her future, I believed in her future far before long before even she did. And that's really key tap into a support system that will support your growth support your journey. And so she did actually take the leap of faith and leave her nice salary job to start this new venture. And all too often in that transition people are so apt to leave when they have enough money when they have all the income that proves that they can replace their salary. What I engaged with Jennifer on is to leave when you know you can replace your salary when that becomes self evident and obvious, not when you already have because you're going to be engaging with another 40 5060 hours in the week to build your business. And in that way. Once you know you can go ahead and leave trust the process. So she did she dared to leave. And here's the rest of the story. You're not going to believe this. She actually created a business that she then was able to attract investors got into an accelerator program where they were bringing on investors towards her business and the the outside world has now acknowledged that this business is something worthwhile. And with that, they've looked At this, and this has all happened within the last year and a half. They've determined these outside influences these outside investors believe this will be a billion dollar business in the next five to seven years. billion dollar business. How would you like to step into a world where you had the opportunity to build a billion dollar business where you had the idea in your head for that? How would you like to live throughout your days knowing that that's even possible, and never giving it a chance? Ah, Jennifer trusted the process and it changed her world for ever stepped into it faced her fear did it anyway, left her salary job to create this magnitude of results. Such an amazing story is such an amazing journey. I want to talk about one more just one more inspirational story of amazing people that have created amazing results. Through doing things different becoming a Maverick and thinking different being different and doing it different than most people to create a difference in their future a difference in their world. Denise Brathwaite Well, she started off she again, like several of these others had some form of salary, she had a salary job, actually a very good one, six figures. And she was also at a side business that she was doing as a side hustle on weekends and nights. And she was doing landscaping and, and cleaning houses. And she had a couple of people that were working with her and she would pick them up on early Saturday morning, or at least Sunday morning, pick them up in her car, drive them to the location. And for the landscaping in the cleaning, she'd be in her overalls. And she'd be right by their side cleaning the, you know, landscaping, digging ditches and cleaning toilets and doing all the things that you would imagine landscaping and cleaning houses would entail. She that came in to the maverick community into the maverick universe. And I began to engage her as to the possibilities what if, what if you left your corporate job, which he absolutely wanted to do? What if she left her corporate job? Could she create a six figure and even multi six figure income in this new career, if you will? Could she build a business that to that magnitude?

Paul Finck:

She dared to even listen. At first. It's like I don't know about this. And then I began to talk to her about what it would look like. And instead of being a worker, actually being an owner, and we talk about being working on the business instead of in the business, you know, so often people build businesses and they create, they create a a job for themselves. The business, the only way it brings in income is when they do something, the only way it it creates anything is when they're active in it. How do you become more passive in your business? Meaning bringing income regardless of whether you are actively working or not, is by building systems processes delegating and working on your business instead of in it be the plan or the visionary instead of the worker and the labor. And so I started talking to Denise about these possibilities about what this would mean for her. And what it would look like well, she took the the training by storm and over that next year, she stopped wearing overalls, she went out and got two leased cars, one for herself a new car and one for her workers to take that they can pick themselves up to go to the jobs to go to the gigs she began to present into if you will sell in and engage with prospective clients with a professional attire. And going in there and talking about here's the deal, here's the here's what we can do for you. Here's the proposal for your landscaping. Here's the proposal for your house cleaning for your corporate house for your corporate office cleaning and began to engage with them with on a professional level. So she was able to hold that stance. And then delegate the work delegate the laboring to the people that were doing that and to her employees. And in doing so was able to build the business because creative endeavors and sales and engagement of proposals and that level is a creative endeavor. creative endeavors will always pay more. So when you're working more and spending more time in an creative endeavor, you're in evidently going to create more in income. So that's what happens, and happened for Denise. And so over that next year, she was able to shift and shift the working in the laboring to others, where she was able to be working on the business instead of in it be able to be the marketer, the seller, the presenter, for and the leader, the visionary for the business, rather than be the one that Labor's in the business. And a whole new magnitude of results showed up. Within that year, she was able to quit her job, quit her her salary position, do this full time, created as a true business with all the tax ramifications and the write offs and being able to have a better quality of life ongoing. One of her visions and her dream, we take retreats on a regular basis. And one of the places that we went was a beautiful, beautiful villa in Dominican that she had gone to with us in one of our retreats and said, my dream, my goal is to someday bring my family bring all my family to this villa as my treat. So that I can I can engage with them and show them what life could be. And lo and behold, in the three year process, from the time she engaged with us to three years later, she was then able to had enough magnitude of success had enough magnitude of, of prosperity, to be able to do that and brought her whole family, to the Dominican to this villa, got to stay for the week, housing them all in in luxury, to create that feeling and inspiring all of them to be more to do more and and to give them that gift. What a vacation. What a great thing for Denise to be able to do for her family. This is what's possible when you dream big, live big and playful, full out and everything that you do. So what does all this mean for you? Each one of these women came into my environment came into our program came into our three day live bootcamp. And I encourage all of you to come our three day live boot camp, and they came in and here's the funny part. All three of them are absolutely strong, independent women, two of them, single moms to boot. And going through this journey. They came into our program with the idea No, no, no, no, whatever this is, I'm not buying. I'm just here to grab a little bit of information and to keep on moving forward. All of them were had a little bit of resistance to Yeah, a little bit of doubt as to whether this could work for them. And all three of them, saw the possibility, saw the possibility, not just in being a Maverick and, and doing things different and listening to some training from the outside world. But they also stepped into their own belief system stepped into believing in themselves and daring to dream of a bigger, bolder, better life for themselves, for their families for their children. Absolutely, I hope you can see that, that this is something that's possible for you as well that this is something that you can step into. I've shared the stories I've talked a lot only, I want to give you a couple of things to take away. Three major points that I want you to get started with the things that you could do right now to create a magnitude of results for your future. One is I want you to dare to dream. I want you to build what I would call your dream list. And it's just bullet points, bullet points of everything that you want. Sit down in a quiet spot, give yourself a good 2030 minutes and just start writing. Write down everything that you want. Every place you want to go. Every everything you want to achieve every accolade you want to earn every level of financial success you want to create. You name it write down everything. And with the concept than the idea that if you don't write it down, you never will ever, ever, ever get it. But if you write it down, there's a possibility that it's going to come into your life and come into your life sooner than you ever imagined. Build the list your dream list. Number two is go through that list and for projects for things that are your success story your your where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to achieve circle three major pieces in that list that you might have had three major pieces that you're going to get started on today. And with those three, and I'm starting off real easy, real simple, start off with three. Don't overdo it, don't look at, oh, well, I'm an overachiever, I'll do five, I'll do 10. Start with three, let's get the ball rolling, an object in motion will stay in motion. So with those top three, you're then in the third step is take one action, whatever it is, small, little step, maybe a big one every single day. That's it, one small step, every single day towards the achievement of that goal, towards the achievement of that vision, if you will, of that project, whatever it is, maybe it's cleaning out the garage, maybe it's building a sales team, maybe it's building a new program. Maybe it's starting a new business, whatever it is, hey, it's simply just here, that scrubbing the dishes, I don't know, do one small thing every single day until you accomplish that task, that goal, then go to the next one.