Welcome to the Mavericks Do It Different Podcast, where we highlight how to step up and dare to live the life of your dreams by approaching life and business differently.

I am your Host Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire ®

Our guest for Episode 7 is Bud Ayers, Author of “Be a Success Maverick” book!

He will discuss:

  • How he found his passion & courage to take risks;
  • how he learned from the mistakes and accepts that his life is full of challenges;
  • The importance of changing ones mindset from “need” to “want” for one to enjoy the process;
  • How to question everything in life so one can create NEW results;

Bud Ayers is an author, speaker, lecturer, entrepreneur, producer, choreographer and ballroom dancer.

Bud helps you understand that there is more to life than a college degree. He encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and take more risks by becoming entrepreneurs.

His varied experiences in manufacturing, distribution, personal growth, sports, communication, entertainment, entrepreneur, public speaking and ballroom dancing give him a unique supply of resources, and perspective.

He wants to share his life experiences with you with the hope that the lessons he teaches will help you navigate the challenges of life.

His words of wisdom guarantees that you will be a different person if you apply the knowledge that he shares in your life. He informs you that you have the power to change anything in your life by changing their choices of words you say to yourself. This is the inspiration for his book “Words Matter”.

He inspires you to take risks, accept failure and be better at communication and becoming a force for good. He believes that knowledge is simply a tool and must be applied before it can become expertise.

He is known for his passion in sharing his wisdom and helping you navigate your personal challenges in finding success and happiness.

He is happily married and has three children and 7 grandchildren.

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