Welcome to the Mavericks Do It Different Podcast, where we highlight how to step up and dare to live the life of your dreams by approaching life and business differently.

I am your Host Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire ®

Our guest for Episode 5 is Esteban Perez, Author of “Be a Success Maverick” book!

Listen up! We have a lot to share with our listeners!

He will discuss :

  • How he left corporate world to discover more in his life;
  • How his perseverance made him different;
  • How he got back up from his battles

Esteban (Logan) Perez is a motivational coach, speaker, network marketer, and author. His passion is to empower others by helping them shift their mindset and achieve their goals in life. He helps his clients by identifying their personality traits and creating a step-by-step plan to level up every aspect of their life. It’s all about structure and committing to a consistent daily routine. Esteban spent over thirty years working in Corporate America and didn’t feel fulfilled; something was lacking. He soon realized Corporate America wasn’t his ticket to the life he wanted. He began his journey of entrepreneurship and followed his inner voice. Through personal development and taking consistent action, he stepped out of his comfort zone, built up his self-confidence, and decided to go for his dreams of being a motivational coach. Simply by changing his daily habits, he has created a successful life for himself by servicing others. When not working on his businesses, Esteban spends time with his family and beautiful fiancée, Emma. He resides in the North Bronx but plans to relocate to South Jersey.