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👉 Our guest for Episode 25 is Carrie Lu of “Vol 2 of Be a Success Maverick”. 

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Listen in on this podcast to hear about:

  • How to follow your dreams
  • The importance of knowing where your happiness lies
  • How to partner with the right people to take your leap(s) of faith

Educated on the East Coast, a graduate of the MBA program at Rutgers University has 12 years of experience as a full-time Realtor, specialist in setting pricing strategies for home buyers and home sellers, minimizing client risks, negotiator of repairs after a home inspection, and researching rental restrictions for investors. Carrie loves helping Americans to achieve the American dream. Conducts workshops on topics for 1) down payment assistance provided by the Nevada Housing Division and 2) paying off your home faster. Prior to real estate, Carrie spent 8 years in Corporate America, working as an engineering consultant in NYC then moved into financial consulting as the Vice President at Citibank managing over 80 employees, 4 Managers on 2 employee shifts. 

In her spare time, Carrie Lu is an advocate for stray cats and has helped place 150 cats in new homes. An active member in Pro ToastMasters Club and Business Network International, Carrie Lu is a leader on all fronts and the person personally and professionally you would be privileged to have by your side. 


👉Learn more about Carrie’s life journey by reading his chapter in the book & go to the link below to read his author page!


⚡️ To order YOUR copy of the book or to find out more about Carrie Lu, go to: https://www.beasuccessmaverick.com/author/xiaoqinglu/