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👉 Our guest for Episode 23 is Paul Brown of “Vol 1 of Be a Success Maverick”. 

Listen up! We have a lot to share with our listeners!💥


Listen in on this podcast to hear about:

  • How Paul’s Military experience lessons relate to life
  • What changed his world 6 years ago
  • How to live life with moderately active – almost passive income and create a true lifestyle

Paul Brown is a happy father of three beautiful, brilliant children. He founded Servant Leadership Charities in order to provide sustainable systems of reliable water for all people by 2034 in Jesus’ name. Paul also runs Servant Leadership Properties in order to fund the expenses of the nonprofit by providing quality housing and creative real estate solutions for people in transition. In one short year, He has quickly become the local expert on Quality Rooming Houses and maximizing real estate profits. He lives in the Memphis, TN area which he often refers to as Gotham City.

👉Learn more about Paul’s life journey by reading his chapter in the book & go to the link below to read his author page!


⚡️ To order YOUR copy of the book or to find out more about Paul Brown, go to: https://www.beasuccessmaverick.com/author/paulbrown/