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👉 Our guest for Episode 19 is Robyn Maniscalco of “Be a Success Maverick”. 

Listen up! We have a lot to share with our listeners!💥


She will discuss:

  • Her family story and how it caused her to take charge of her life; 
  • How having a community to hold her accountable made a difference for her mindset;
  • How she started her business of helping others. 


Robyn Maniscalco is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, blogger and patient champion and founder of Wellness Resource Support. She is dedicated to helping patients and caregivers by offering tools, resources and assistance to manage their medical care. After assuming the role of caregiver for her mother, she learned there had to be answers and began her quest to find help on to managing her mother’s care. She is also the author of Robyn Makes Sense, her blog based on experiences and challenges she faced during her caregiving journey. Visit top10caregivertips.com to get a FREE copy of your guide today!

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