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👉 Our guest for Episode 18 is Deirdre JP Virvo Author of “Be a Success Maverick”. 

Listen up! We have a lot to share with our listeners!💥


She will discuss:

  • How she got into real estate; 
  • How she took hold of information mentioned around her;  
  • Why listening & asking questions is important for success.


Deirdre JP Virvo is the founding member and co-owner of CT Property Network, 1605 Chapel Street, and SoCT Real Estate Investor Association. She started investing in rental properties a few months after purchasing her own home at the tender age of 23.

She is a seasoned investor as well as a Licensed Certified Property Expert and Debt Negotiator, who teaches grass-roots investing techniques throughout CT. Education, Networking and Empowerment is the foundation of SoCT REIA as well as Deirdre’s personal quest.

A former Advertising Executive and ad agency owner for 15 years, Deirdre pursued full-time investing founding CT Property Network, a company that specializes in negotiating short sales, renovating and flipping houses, and acquiring and holding residential and commercial buildings. Deirdre has been closing an average of 100 short sale transactions per year since 2008. Her tenacious personality empowers her to close even the toughest deals. Her integrity ensures a win-win-win for all involved.

In a desire to network with and learn from Southern CT investors doing exciting, creative deals; SoCT REIA was created!

Deirdre, a native New Yorker, resides in Stamford with her beau, and has three grown fabulous children who have started investing in real estate along with three school-age step-children! Theater-going, entertaining, traveling, dancing, crafting, teaching, volunteering and helping others are among her passions. Deirdre credits her upbeat spirit and love for life to her family, to her parents, and to being a big fan of Landmark Education and Tony Robbins.

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