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Guest today is Keith Meals. Author of “Be a Success Maverick” book! Listen up! We have a lot to share with our listeners!

Keith Meals is an international coach and trainer, author, real estate investor, and owner of central Florida’s premier renovation and new home construction company.

He loves helping others reach their potential with his results-focused coaching style. As a challenge solver, he sees opportunities where others only see issues. Since 2008 this approach has helped his students explode their businesses and their lives.

Keith has been in the construction industry in Florida for 20+ years. Keith’s innovative ideas and processes have formed the foundation for his two construction company’s On Time Home Reminders and On Time Construction Consulting. He helps homeowners create their dream home with his low-stress remodeling & New home construction process and management of their ongoing home maintenance.

Keith, his beautiful fiancé, Alice, and his awesome stepdaughter and budding entrepreneur, Paige, live just outside beautiful Orlando, Florida.

Keith offers a guide to help you choose the right contractor for your next project along with the opportunity to schedule a consultation to discuss your next renovation project. These consults have saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped them get exactly the project result they want.

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I have some very interesting guests lined up the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!